Liquid Loft | Chris Haring

Liquid Loft was founded in 2005 by choreographer Chris Haring together with musician Andreas Berger, dancer Stephanie Cumming and dramaturgue Thomas Jelinek. In their performances and installations, Liquid Loft interconnect contemporary dance directly with other forms of contemporary art, in order to create a cohesive all-embracing piece of art. Their idiosyncratic visual and formal language, their distinctive acoustic stage-sets and professional dance production have earned Liquid Loft international recognition and awards like the Golden Lion for “Best Performance” at the 2007 Biennale in Venice.


Excerpt from “Posing Project A / B”

 “Talking Head”

As test-subjects in a twittertubeandfacebookapparatus, absurd characters emerge following the dictate of current online-occurence. The performers are constructing, direct and live on stage, text sculptures as a form of dance and an ever-new image of themseives via webcam.

 The glossolalia of Christian antiquity, the automatic writing of the Surrealists, black metal’s growling – those are just some of the numerous acts of speech/writing of the finding of oneself within losing, of the giving up of will, because of a hope of gained insight. Advanced Modern Talking Heads have found their place on the web. From the social networks we hear the droning of the polyphonic babble of simulated communication, which won’t give a hoot for the old distinction between original and copy, but rather builds its nest in an unsafe “space between”. People tweeting about a state of identity, which will be a completely different one tomorrow. In the biblical sense of the “talkers in tongues” we may be made to believe: we are being spoken by the Web 2.0 – it talks through us Talking Heads on the base of the actual Laws of the online world.

 The term Talking Head does not only recall one of the most successful New Wave bands of the 1970/80’s turn of the decade, it also denotes the frame of a close-up camera shot on the speaker. But what is talking head that is of a sound mind (no religion, no drugs), whose experimental goal would be to improvise in various jargons of speech? E.g. the sociological lingo of the explorers of the precariate, the tech-talk of IT wizards, the BA-slang of neo-liberal worshippers of the economy, or the feverish post structural discourse of dance theoreticians.

 Even if all forms of crude parody are to be disregarded, there is, with every form of expert jargon, if only for its tendency to exclude, always an urge for democratic contradiction; be it in the form of ironic subversion of it’s gestus of dominion, or alternatively, by its transformation into different fields of representation, which make it more difficult to “swagger” or make the “hot air”, which always resonates, more quickly distinguishable. Take for example the discursive experiment of placing two dancing Talking Heads on a stage.


Excerpt from “Talking Head”


A virtuosic satire on the consequences of the current inflation of communication.
Der Standard

Chris Haring integrates the game of the possibilities of new video technology into an entertaining theatre event, in which performers and media are constantly finding new realities.

Chris Haring and his team once again prove their original artistic vision and they know exactly how to convey this in a concise way.

Stephanie Cumming and Luke Baio are playing and dancing in a virtous way all through the premier of Talking Head, Liquid Loft/Chris Haring‘s humurous comment on the social-media madness of our time.

The fact that their faces take on grotesque shapes and their voices are oscillating between all the various pitches is to be at

Ributed to the video and sound technique that we are used to in Haring‘s performances, which turn all that happens on stage into a multi-sensual spectacle.




„This event is made possible by INTPA – INTERNATIONAL NET FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA of Tanzquartier Wien with funds by BMUKK and BMeiA“

Performance and Choreography: Stephanie Cumming, Luke Baio
Artistic Direction and Choreography: Chris Haring
Composition, Sound: Andreas Berger (Glim)
Stage and Light Design: Thomas J. Jelinek
Set Design: Gerald Priewasser
Production Management and Research: Marlies Pucher
Technical Direction: Roman Harrer
Video Technics: Ella Esque, Niki Passath
Theory and Text: Fritz Ostermayer
Video: Michael Loizenbauer
A production by Liquid Loft in collaboration with Tanzquartier Wien.
Premiere: December 9th, 2010 Tanzquartier Wien
Liquid Loft is supported by MA 7 Kulturabteilung Stadt Wien and BMUKK for Unterricht Kunst und Kultur.
Duration: 60 min.