AURA is the only one municipal theatre of contemporary dance in Lithuania and one of a very few companies of contemporary dance in Lithuania that shows the skills of the professional dance. Artistic director Birute Letukaite and the dancers of the company dedicate themselves to modern dance and its traditions, which are tightly associated with such outstanding figures as pioneers of expressive dance in Lithuania Danute Nasvytyte and her follower was a student of Kira Daujotaite in the Dance Company “Sonata”. Birute Letukaite spent ten years in the company where she learned the skills of expressive dance.      

1989 – The first time the International Dance festival was organized. In 2011. the festival was renamed the AURA Dance Festival. The festival born in Kaunas has become the town‘s meaningful tradition that encourages popularity of contemporary dance and enriches cultural life of Lithuania.  Introducing the newest trends in contemporary dance and inviting to accept challenges this festival is educating the audiences and develops the understanding of contemporary dance.  By inviting more and more established masters of dance from different foreign countries, the festival strengthens the image of Lithuania abroad and it develops intercultural exchanges.

AURA took part in various international events, represented Lithuania’s modern dance in 27 foreign countries (Austria, Great Britain, Greece, Canada, France, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany etc.), performed at more than 162 festivals.

AURA has about 50 city, national and international awards, also received excellent feedback from both domestic and foreign press. In 2006 Birute Letukaite was awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the choreography of performance “Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs” and in 2008 she became a government cultural and artistic prize winner. 2013 Birute Letukaite has got the second Golden Stage Cross for the significant input to the contemporary Lithuanian dance art and Kaunas city Culture and Art award.

This modern dance company from Lithuania has a freshness and passion for their art that many Western companies have lost… Their talent and commitment goes straight to the heart… South Wales Evening Post, UK

“Box Melancolique”

What or who is the “I” ? To what are we referring to when we reflect inward toward ourselves – and what time line is constructing this “I”?

Have we come to create another more complex dimension of “time” in our head and isn’t that layered experience of time and events forcing us to create simplified mental or physical reference points in our lives, making us believe they exist clearly only in that one particular imprint forming our identity?

Anything and everything else would probably be whip-lash inducing…. clashing together the artistic worlds of Os Gêmeos and Johannes Wieland. Four performers are thrown into a box mélancolique, trying to find these defining reference points – visualizing and dissecting them, fabricating a new mental landscape melding the time lines into one visual experience.

Choreography: Johannes Wieland (GERMANY)
Sculpture: Os Gêmeos
Music: The Andrews Sisters, Ben Frost, Radiohead, Bert Kaempfert, Kate Bush, Phonophani and more
Costumes: Johannes Wieland, Ruta Biliunaite
Dance: Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Ruta Lelyte, Evangelos Poulinas, Mantas Stabacinskas
Duration: 60 min.
Premiere: 28th of October, 2011