Dancer, choreographer, instructor.

Born in Senegal, Pape Ibrahima N ́Diaye is also known as „Kaolack“. He first encountered dance through Papa Sy (Passtef ballet théâtre de Dalifort) who was his first contemporary dance and theatre instructor. His teacher introduced him to the dancer and choreographer Germaine Acogny (École des Sables / Company Jant-Bi ). Kaolack worked together with Germaine Acogny and was traveling over the world as a member of Jant -Bi company for a long time.

His dance is both inspired by traditional African dance as well as by worldwide dance thanks to his travels all over the world with the company Jant-Bi.

Kaolack has also worked with other renowned choreographers including Longa Fo, Bud Blumenthal, Flora Théfaine, Bernardo Montet, Laurence Levasseur, Anne Marie Reynaud and Koffi Koko.

Kaolack won the 1st solo prize in Tunis during the 7th edition of the Choreographic Meetings for Africa and the Indian Ocean called “Danse l’Afrique Danse” with his solo-piece “J’accuse” in 2008. 


“Rogonou Mâame” or “Tears of Grandmother”

As the title says, this piece was inspired by the image of my maternal grandmother. Mbasou with whom I grew up to the age of 8 years and I have always considered my own mother, I called Mom also. A strong emotional relationship, human and spiritual which I can not explain the depth and power, binds me to her forever.

InSenegal and especially in Wolof, is the custom, by tradition, at the funeral of a grandparent grandchildren participate in the ceremony to pay their last respects to the former disappeared alumni who occupy a important place in the family and in society, regarded as the holders of knowledge and expertise.

Indeed, during the funeral ceremony, a grandchild turns a theatrical play, when staged spontaneous by dressing in the clothes of the deceased and imitating the actions of his life.

And between sadness and humor, laughter and tears, the grandchildren, the time for a moment, do forget to close the disappearance of their loved one. Well they manage to create a theatrical atmosphere, with a very symbolic meaning and ethics, a way to keep the spirit and teachings of the deceased and to stay in communication with him, even after his death.

By the image of my grandmother Kaolack wanted to upgrade and revisit some moral values of our society, that we have inherited old.
What happens to these values get lost in a world where science and technology are constantly evolving?
What happens to these values in a world where the name of globalization, consumerism and excessive communication, we lose our bearings and our integrity?
What happens to these values when individualism, superfluous and artificial detracts from our humanity?
What happens to these values in this world crisis?

Rogonou Maame is a personal journey, an adventure in Kaolack’s fantasies,  passions and derision between sensitivity and vulnerability.
Rogonou Maame is a diary, a window on Kaolack’s family life and intimate.

By the image of my grandmother, Kaolack wanted to look at his past to know where his future, as he wanted to confess himself.
For this image, Kaolack also wanted to speak on behalf of all abused children and all abused women.
For this image, Kaolack wanted to revisit and upgrade it gave him and left as a legacy, he wanted to pay their last respects and through it, to pay tribute to women who have allowed him to be the man and the artist that he is.


Choreographer & Performer: Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye Kaolack
Staging: Tchekpo Dan Agbetou, Pape Ibrahima Ndiaye Kaolack
Music: Djie Gogo
Production: Kaolack Dance Company
Costume: Kaolack
Coproduktion: DansArt Tanz-Networks
Duration: 30 min.