Germaine Acogny

“Sangook Yaakaar” (“Facing Up to Hope”)


Germaine Acogny is a star of Senegal. Dancer, choreographer, teacher Germaine Acogny has evolved her own technique of Modern African Dance and is considered worldwide as the “mother” of contemporary African dance, her activity is like a cradle of this kind of art. She dances, choreographes and teaches all over the world and has become a forceful ambassador of African Dance and Culture in the world.

“Songook Yaakaar(Facing Up to Hope) a solo piece with and by Germaine Acogny in collaboration with her “artistic family”: Pierre Doussaint, Fabrice Bouillon, Bernard Mounier and Fred Koenig.

After a long career as dancer, choreographer and teacher, worldwide recognized for her work, her outstanding personality, her charism, her power and elegance at the same time, Germaine Acogny likes to speak again with her body, her gestures, her dance – but not only.

In the performance she makes you meet her Africa, its leaders, its people, the today’s life. G.Acogny shows that there is hope inspite of disasters and ignorance.

Germaine Acogny says: “I am a dancer of the 21st century: an African of the Yoruba ethnic group, with Senegalese and French nationality. Mixed race sticks to my skin without altering its color, and this mix of ingredients makes me just want to dance, to dance beyond the words . I want to proclaim hope with dance drawings.

For a very long time I have been wondering how best to talk back to those who speak about Africa without knowing what they are talking about. Today I’m talking back at them with Dance.

Enough of jokes, of barbs, of mockery. My weapon, my ferry is Dance, blessed by the ancestral gods of my people. I dance beyond the words and evils of this world in hope for my damaged Africas and in defense of my own joyous interest. May you share my hope and my joy.

Production: AssociationJant-Bi,Senegal
Artistic Director: Germaine Acogny
Choreography: Germaine Acogny, Pierre Doussaint
Music: Fabrice Bouillon-LaForest (France)
Video: Fred Koenig (France)
Text: Bernard Mounier (France)
Lighting Design: Horst Mühlberger (Germany)
Costumes: Angélique Diedhou (Senegal)
Concept and Dance: Germaine Acogny
Co-producers and residenciesBallet Preljocaj (Aix en Provence, France); Ballet National de Marseille (France)
Co-producers: Biennale de la Danse Lyon, Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, CULTURESFRANCE, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf, CND Centre National de la Danse, Paris, Festival Oriente Occidente, Rovereto, Italy, CDC, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique, Toulouse, African Dance International, Hambourg
Duration: 60 min.