BLANCA LI (France)

Blanca Li 

Blanca Li is a choreographer, a film director, a dancer and an actress. Whether performance, opera, video clip or feature film, she initiates and realises a great number of projects : “I like to give life to all that’s in my brain”. Not restricted to one style, she takes from a broad spectrum of physical forms of expression, from flamenco to classical ballet to hip-hop. With Blanca Li, everything begins, and ends, in the energy of movement and dance.

After Macadam Macadam, which opened new representation areas for Hip Hop, and most recently “What a Circus!” for the French collective “Jeu de jambes”, pioneer of Jazz Rock in France, Blanca Li continues to put street culture on stage.

Some encounters sound like exciting challenges and stimulate imagination. With “ELEKTRO KIF”, Blanca plunges once again back into the urban dance universe, with its diversity, its constantly renewed creative identity.

Blanca Li puts electro dance away from pure performance in order to install it on a theatre scene, through a contemporaneous choreographic project.


“Elektro Kif”

“This show was born because I wanted to work with this new type of dance called Electro. The frst time I saw it a few years ago, I was sitting in a public garden when a group of students came by and started performing. There was something very fresh that one can only see during the frst moments of a dance that has not come to maturity, in the creative passion that the interpreters have when they invent new movements with all their liberty excitement.

At that moment I knew that I was a witness to the beginnings of a new dance style full of promises that might one day gather dancers from all around the world. I knew immediately that on day I would create a choreography from that unique moment that I had experienced. I love to be a witness to a new style…

And that’s how I gathered eight electro dancers, most of them coming from Val-de-Marne (near Paris) where the frst signs of electro style were born (in Pondorly, Rungis).

From what I know “Elektro Kif” will be the frst experience of a theatrical show based on electro dance.”


Choreography and direction: Blanca Li
Dancers: Jeremy Alberge, Khaled Abdulahi, Arnaud Bacharach, Roger Bepet, William Falla, Slate Hemedi, Alou Sidibe, Adrien Sissoko
Music: Tao Gutierrez
Lights: Jacques Chātelet
Choreography assistant: Glyslein Lefever
Costumes: Franēoise Yapo
Technical coordination and light manager: Sylvie Debare
Stage manager: Luigi Totaro
Premier: 2010
Duration time: 70 min.