Zawirowania Dance Theatre


Zawirowania is not only the Dance Theatre. It is also the Dance Academy and Dance Theatre Festival! Their focus is to make contemporary dance more and more popular and increase its cultural impact.

Zawirowania Dance Theatre is the longest active initiative, established in 2004 by the Contemporary Scene Foundation. The founder and the director of Zawirowania Dance Theatre is Mr. Włodzimierz Kaczkowski. From the beginning the artistic director of the Theatre is Ms. Elwira Piorun, who used to be a soloist of the Polish National Ballet.

The initial performances were based on classical dance forms. Only in 2007 the ‘After Hours‘ project transformed them into a modern dance ensemble involved in emotions in motion.

Since 2008, the ensemble has forged international partnerships, first with the Spanish troupe Larumbe Danza (with the show ‘Chopin Ambiente’).


The performance “Closeness” is a result of cooperation between the dancers of Dance Theatre Zawirowania and Slovak choreographer Tomáš Nepšinský.

The starting point for performance is the question: whether you involve into a relationship with someone you are actually with or only with the idea that you have about your partner? The poetic images show how relationships distort under the influence of time. A man is confronted with the image of “masculinity” that woman had created.

In the common area each of the performers, who are also a choreographers, tells its own story, looking at the same time close to another person. But how a woman can “really” meet with a man, if in every situation she creates him? The undeniable hero of “Closeness” is a man (Szymon Osiński), “created” by the woman (Karolina Kroczak, Elwira Piorun), made by their hands and body movements, uncertain in search of himself. Finally left alone with his physicality, the fingerprints of women who wanted him. Where does it end: HIM-feminine vision of manhood, and where begins HIM-a-man? Or maybe beyond imagination, there is nothing? This question remains open. Anna Czajkowska

Choreography: group
Music: collage
Dance: Karolina Kroczak, Elwira Piorun, Szymon Osiński
Premiere: July 2011