OFRA IDEL (Izrael)

Ofra Idel 

Ofra received her Master’s in Dance and certification in Dance Education from the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance inJerusalem. 

Ofra’s performances have been showcased around Israel and abroad including the Beit Tami Theater , Intimadance festival at the Tmuna Thatre ,The Machol Aher and Curtain up Festival produced by the Suzanne Dellel Center in Tel Aviv , The Jerusalem Festival for the Arts and at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem,  Zawirowania festival- Poland, Jack Guidone theatre in Washington D.C. (produced a piece for the Bosmadance company ).

She has performed around the world in theUSA,India,China, Africa,Romania, Chili andJapan.

Idel is a co-artistic director of the Shalem dance house- an independent contemporary dance organization inJerusalem.

Excerpt from “Force Majeure”. Perfomance: Ofra Idel and Danielle Shoufra



“Horse tail”

This duet expresses a delicate and sensitive course of relationship. Full of tension that derives its power from dependency on the verge of violence.

In the background a video projection of continuous addictive serenity which blurs the intimate space and creates an abstract landscape alongside the hectic and loaded body’s motion.

Dance: Sophia Krantz, Ruby Edelman
Artistic advice: Ronit Ziv, Alex Shmurak
Costumes: Tamar Levit
Music: Clint Mansell-The Fountain, Slumbermusic
Musical arrangement: Rami Treistman, Maya Gutman
Video: Dekel Eizenberg
Décor advice: Erel Dar
Light: Kupferman Judy
Production: Machol shalem Dance House
Premiered in Curtain up Festival, SuzanneDellelCenter
Duration: 13 min.