Ingun Bjørnsgaard prosjekt


Choreography: Ingun Bjørnsgaard
Performers: Mattias Ekholm, Lone Torvik, Erik Rulin, Ida Wigdel, Halldis Ólafsdóttir
Original music: aplinkos garsai
Music: Arnold Schönberg
Scenography & costumes: Thomas Björk
Dramaturgy: Kai Johnsen
Sound director: Morten Pettersen
Light design: Hans Skogen

Duration: 60 min.

Ingun Bjørnsgaard continues her distinctive investigation of dance theatre’s potential. The genre is characterized by points of convergence between realism and the abstract. ”Sjøen” is loosely based on Henrik Ibsen’s world famous “Fruen fra havet” (“The Lady from the Sea”) (1888). Ibsen’s text revolves around the theme of one of the first “modern” women – a woman who moves beyond convention and modern liberation to become ensnared by drives that are simultaneously dangerous, repulsive and alluring. There are basic themes here which also characterize Bjørnsgaard’s expression: ambivalence, vague yearnings, the need to disappear, obscenity and superficial anxiety.

The production sets into motion a staging of distanced social and conventional movement patterns – along with a darker, shadowy landscape where the body is evasive, on guard, and trapped by its own secret. In this meeting place between extroverted superficiality and the intimate and personal, Bjørnsgaard seeks out the fragility and complexity of her dancers. She visits those moments in which a human being is most human, when we are both beautiful and simultaneously a failure. Ridiculous and moving.

But “Sjøen” is also humorous and familiar, playing with the illustrative stance of dance in the epic tradition, and abstract dance’s complex self‐absorption. In 1992, Ingun Bjørnsgaard started her own dance company, works as guest choreographer with companies such as Kungliga National Baletten in Stockholm, Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, Carte Blanche in Bergen and Nationalteatret in Oslo and with The National Ballet at the opening of Oslos new opera house.

Sponsored by Arts Council Norway.