Yossi Berg & Oded Graf | Israel

Animal Lost

Animal Lost

Choreography: Oded Graf and Yossi Berg
Creating Performers: Julia Giertz, Siri Wolthoorn, Soren Linding Urup, Pierre Enaux, Oded Graf, and Yossi Berg
Dramaturgy: Carmen Mehnert
Music: Markus Pesonen, Rachid Taha, This Mortal Coil
Lighting Design: Antonio Rodriques-Andersen
Costumes: Mona Moller Schmidt
60 min

Co-production: Yossi Berg and Oded Graf; Dansescenen Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark. With the support of Augustinus Fonden, Nordea Fonden, Statens Kunstrads Scenekunstudvalg, and the Danish Arts Council.

How would you define yourselves in three sentences?

The creative process of Animal Lost” started with this question and with an exploration of stereotypes, misperceptions, and social clichés. The work raises questions about cultural and social differences and about the universality of repression, sexuality, fantasies, and the individual’s needs.

“Animal Lost” deals with our flexibility and ability to redefine ourselves over and over. The performers shift between illusions and reality, trying to wake the animal inside of them.

Since the beginnings of their partnership in 2005 (after having incredibly successful individual careers as dancers and choreographers including companies such as, DV8 Physical Theatre London, Batsheva Dance Company, kibbutz Company in Israel to name but few), this dynamic Israeli duo has built a reputation for creating supremely physical, sometimes provocative, and always poignant dance works.
They perform throughout the world, create for dance companies and opera houses and won numerous choreography awards in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Taiwan, the U.S., and Poland. Their works were co-produced and commissioned by: the “Montpellier Danse” in France, the “ADF-American Dance Festival” in the U.S., the “Place Theater” in London, “HELLERAU-European Centre for Arts” and “the Dresden SemperOper” in Germany, the “Belgrade Dance Festival” in Serbia, “Madrid En Danza” in Spain, the “Joyce SoHo” in NYC, the “White Bird Dance” in Portland, the “Dansescenen” Theater in Copenhagen and many others.
Yossi and Oded offer new ways of looking at dance and exploring performance. They continuously challenge the process of personal and physical investigation, and they strive to create a dialogue with artists from different fields.

Tours 2011 include: France (Montpellier), the U.K. (London), the U.S. (New York, Portland, North Carolina), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Basel, Chur, St. Gallen), Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), Peru (Lima), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia (Zagreb), Turkey (Ankara), Lithuania (Kaunas), Poland (Warsaw), Canada (Vancouver), Italy (Rome, Bari).