Kenneth Flak (Norway) & Külli Roosna (Estonia) & Inga Liksaite (Lithuania-Germany)


Choreography: Külli Roosna, Kenneth Flak (Kompanii Kuri Koer)
: Külli Roosna, Kenneth Flak
Textile art installation, objects:
Inga Liksaite
Stop motion, video:
Inga Liksaite
Animation, video editing:
Claudia Rohrmoser
Sound design:
Kenneth Flak
28th of October, 2011

Special thanks to:

Chalk Out curator: Juste Kostikovaite

Glogauair + AIC Gallerie, Berlin

Fine5 Dance Theater


“(p)recycle” is the first collaboration between visual artist Inga Liksaite and choreographers and dancers Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna, initiated by International Dance Festival Aura and Kaunas Biennial. The end-result is an art installation and a dance performance. The performance happens 4 times, the installation remains in the exhibition.

When we started to built our project our main theme was the perception of time. We started the process with pitching questions and ideas at each other, to learn about each other’s field of expertise, and to play with our differences and similarities. Later in the process the time theme diluted and we found that what we mostly discussed and investigated all kinds of relations. People, things, materials, actions, behaviors, motions – all have their own geometries and structures of existence. Thus we moved on naturally and tried to dive into the water of patterns, structures, connections, rasters and textures.

We were not interested in testing or exploring a fixed set of thoughts. We tried to find ways of working that would allow objects, movements and sounds to emerge freely, letting our different esthetics and methods bounce off each other, creating something none of us could produce independently; an open space to let us and the audience understand patterns either differently or maybe the same way.

“(p)recycle” is made by remaking, cutting, duplicating, turning around our own works and reconnecting them in a new order where body language and textile art weaves a mutual story.

About project authors: Kenneth Flak Külli Roosna | Inga Likšaitė