Compagnie Thor | Belgium


 To the Ones I Love

Choreography: Thierry Smits
Rudi Cole, Daudet Grazaï, Christian D. Guerematchi, Alpha Sanneh, Dean Lee Sefton, Damien Chevron, Oliver Tida, Alexandre Gbeblewoo, Pascal Beugre-Tellier
J.-S. Bach
Maxime Bodson
Choreographic assistant:
Benjamin Bac
Set design:
Thierry Smits, Thomas Beni
Light design & technical coordination:
Thomas Beni
Luc Gering
65 min.

Co-production: with Théâtre de la Place – Liège, Théâtre de Namur

With the help of: CNCDC Châteauvallon, Musikteater Baltoppen and De Velinx, Tongeren

With the support of: the Ministery of the French Community of Belgium – Dance Department; Wallonia Brussels International


“To the Ones I Love” is a return to pure dance within an aesthetic composition.

Bach’s music, within a soundscape by Maxime Bodson, carries this abstract choreography. Smits works for the first time with dancers of African origin and blends his dance language with their specific individual and physical richness. The nine dancers rule over a white, nearly empty stage. There is no story; the message does not direct itself to the mind but to the senses.

“To the Ones I Love” tells about the body in movement, the pleasure of dancing, and wishes to lovingly share this energy with the spectator.

From the first season on, “To the Ones I Love” has met a huge success among the public in Belgium and abroad. The international tour, which started in January 2010, is currently still on. “To the Ones I Love” is traveling in France, Germany, Croatia, Middle East, Palestine, Denmark, Poland, London, New York, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Spain,…

Compagnie Thor and Thierry Smits are one of the established values of Belgian dance. In 20 years, the company has staged over thirty dance creations in venues all over the world.

Thierry Smits’s performances move back and forth between pure dance and real drama. At the heart of his work lies our relationship to sex and the sacred, and the human body – as the object of desire, the carrier of pleasure, and the reminder of finiteness – is always central to Thierry Smits’s choreography.

In addition to this dramaturgical approach, Thierry Smits has always sought to create abstract work where he could push his boundaries of choreographic composition and search for movement. Regardless of genre, Thierry Smits’s acute sense of aesthetics permeates through his entire oeuvre.