Am I the One Who I Am?

Birutė Letukaitė, Vita Gelūnienė, Evaldas Jansas, Aura Dance Theatre | Lithuania


Choreography: Birute Letukaite
Textille art instalation:
Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel
Interpretation and perf
orming: Liza Baliasnaja, Gotaute Kalmataviciute, Ruta Lelyte, Indre Puisyte, Andrius Stakele and “Aura” studio dancers
Music: Ramunas Jaras, Fusedmarc, Murcof, Massive Attack
Video: Kristijonas Jakubsonas
Persons in video: “Aura”
dancers ir Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel ,Vaidotas Dauksa, Gintare Masteikaite, Pilypas Misiukevicius, Jokubas Nosovas
Costumes: Ruta Biliunaite, Birute Letukaite
: 24th of September, 2011

Clothes, which cover and protect the body, create a cultural and sexual identity of a person. Transparency in the objects of Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel constructs the space, through which the ostensibly hidden identity, power and influence can be observed. The power and influence come from outside world aiming to change them.

Installation objects “Dear Time”, “24 hours”, “Aprons” and “Personal talk” reflects on the personal and social metamorphosis – result of technological inventions and new technologies, which evolve and rapidly invade contemporary society.

Choreographer Birute Letukaite enters the world of art-objects by Almyra Bartkeviciute-Weigel and reflects those topics using the language of dancing bodies and relations between those bodies.

Am I the one who I am? Am I something made of the rules of the society or something that has grown in time as my personal identity. Who am I? The mouse, that spins in circle of domestic interests? Mouse, that runs looking for it‘s cheese“? A computer mouse, which steals time? Or the office chair, evolving into the piece of art?

These questions are distributed from personal to the public space. Time is not so valuable anymore, conversation is not so personal; being in the society is not personal. The performance in the public space discusses the topic of personal identity. The imagined line between private and public is destroyed by the gaze of passers-by, passing cars, people in the bar.

This way an artwork, which aims to build bridges between individual body, society and technology, is created. In this exiting field of observation, between the culturally established stereotypes about the traditional gender roles, individual identity persists. This identity constantly obeys the rules of material world and leaves its footprints in our personality.

Apie projekto autorius:  Birutė Letukaitė Vita GelūnienėJansas Evaldas | Kauno šokio teatras „Aura“