Agnija Šeiko & Fish Eye | Lithuania


Prayers of a Silly Girl (Lithuania)

Choreography: Agnija Seiko and dancers

Dancers: Beata Molytė, Ausra Krasauskaitė, Agnija Seiko

Music: Petar Dundakov (Bulgaria)

Scenery, costumes and lights: Arturas Simonis

Production: Fish Eye

Duration: 45 min

Premiere: 2010

Art and philosophy of the end of the nineteenth century lie at the basis of the performance Prayers of a Silly Girl. The authors of the performance are interestedin this period as a watershed in art and social life, the beginning of Modernism and Postmodernism. Besides, the ideas about women liberation started to emerge at the time. The literary basis of the dance is Arthur Rimbaud’s “Une Saison en enfer”, while the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche form its philosophical basis.

The story told be three dancers is as though the life of the women in time and space, as though a broken inner mirror, while the key to it is her prayer. It is the drama of her inner feelings, kind of a personal exorcism and all- enveloping waiting.

This performance was nominated for a Golden Stage Cross award.

Lithuanian choreographer Agnija Seiko graduated from the University of Klaipeda (LT) Arts Faculty in 2001. In 2003 she graduated from teratology master studies and went to study to Netherlands, where in 2005 she graduated with choreography bachelor from Rotterdam Dance Academy (NL). Currently she holds lectures in Klaipeda University choreography department and creates interdisciplinary and dance projects in which she involves her students. While creating such dance performances as “In Signum 5” (2006), “Hours of Happines” (2007), “La Mariee” (2007), “Paralel fantasy” (2009), “maProject” (2009) she collaborates with the artists from different fields, this results her pieces being supplemented by original music, sculptural installations and video projections.

In 2009 A. Seiko and her creative team were awarded for the best debut of 2008: mono-opera “Izadora” was awarded with the Golden Stage Cross award. In 2009, choreographer was awarded the Young Creator’s Award. In 2010 Agnija was nominated for a Golden Stage Cross award for the performance “Prayers of a Silly Girl”.